The Jubilation
Written, performed, recorded and mixed/mastered by Kevin Lees at his home studio.
The tune: I wrote this piece in anticipation of the return of all the great things, friends and family who have been put on hold over the last few months due to lockdown. At the time of writing, outdoor life (at least where I’m based) is beginning to open up again and I guess this tune is based on the feeling of seeing good pals and family in somewhat normal circumstances once again!

The Monaghan Jig / Kilfenora
These classic Irish Jigs are are so well known and for good reason. We like to play them a little slower to bring out their full elegance. Featuring Kevin Lees & Sebastian Bloch on The Good Tune.

A Turn of Events – Inver 
Composed by Kevin Lees, performed and arranged by Inver.
Inver are Kevin Lees (fiddle), Rune Barslund (whistle/accordion) and Matthew Jones (guitar).
Also featured on their debut album Heading Out, released November 2019. For more info see Inver’s Official Website.

Tappy Lappy Quartet | Swedish Song
A clip from a house concert in Bielby UK, September 2016. This song also features on Tappy Lappy’s EP, which you can find here.

Tappy Lappy’s Bandcamp
Tappy Lappy’s Facebook

AC / DC Schottish by Fiddle8
AC/DC Schottish, composed by Michael Graubæk and performed live by Fiddle8.
You can see more of Fiddle8 on their official website.