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The newest of projects comes in the form of Inver, a Celtic trio together with Rune Barslund (accordion & whistles) and Matthew Jones (guitar). The trio released their debut album ‘Heading Out’ in November 2019 and completed a successful 9 day release tour around Denmark. The trio write most of their own music, sometimes combining with traditional material to create a unique familiarity to their sound.

For more information check out links to their website and where to find their album, ‘Heading Out’.

Photo by Ard Jongsma -
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Photo by Ard Jongsma -

Fiddle 8

Fiddle8 are a formidable line up including eight of the leading exponents on the Danish folk music scene. The eight members have for the last 10 years toured the world with some of the finest names in folk. Now, all have returned to the island of Fyn, and a collaboration of their forces has produced a supergroup – Fiddle8.

Fiddle8 are ready to meet an audience in a fiddle extravaganza, showcasing everything from raw, swinging traditional tunes to heartwarming original songs – expect an energetic feast of music!

For more information check out links to their website and where to find their album, ‘Heading Out’.

The home of live recorded folk music videos. Setup back in 2019, The Good Tune is a YouTube channel featuring recorded live performance of some of the great folk tunes from around the world. The channel features house players Kevin Lees and Sebastian Bloch, plus guest appearances from local and current touring musicians who have been invited to play together with Kevin and Sebastian.

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Tappy Lappy Quartet

English folk group Tappy Lappy Quartet combines traditional with original music to create intricate and captivating arrangements. Featuring the soulful melodeon playing of Dave Gray, bewitching vocals of Bryony Bainbridge and driving guitar and fiddle playing of BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award winners Matt Jones and Kev Lees, Tappy Lappy Quartet performs engaging songs, lively melodies and compelling harmonies. Having met on the vibrant folk scene of Newcastle upon Tyne before touring parts of the world separately, the musicians have joined to re-visit their roots whilst drawing on new influences. Expect musicianship of the highest order.