The Good Tune

Welcome to The Good Tune! Home of Monday night live folk music video releases.

The Good Tune is a project, together with Sebastian Bloch, where every Monday evening a new video will be released on our YouTube channel featuring recorded live performance of some of the great folk tunes from around the world. The channel features house players Kevin and Sebastian, plus guest appearances from local and current touring musicians who have been invited to play together with Kevin and Sebastian.

We welcome as much interaction as possible from our audiences, so please write to us if you have any tunes you’d like to hear us play, any video ideas you’d like to see on our channel, or even just a share to fellow music lovers who you think would enjoy listening. You can also subscribe to support us and keep up to date with the latest videos and news!

You can visit our channel site here, or why not take a listen to our full tune playlist and hear what we’ve been up to since we started The Good Tune.

The Good Tune

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