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Kevin has accrued many years of varied teaching experience, from individual personal development to mixed ability group classes. Helping inspire fiddler players and musicians, of all abilities, to improve and realise their own personal goals has become one of his main passions of his work.

Kevin is currently offering two types of teaching online:

Online one to one lessons (zoom): for those of you who would like lessons tailored specifically to your level and needs

• Video tutorials on Patreon: best for flexible learning and excellent value for money

See which one would suit you best and book below

For in person teaching or group booking enquiries, please get in touch via the contact page

Kevin Lees Fiddle


1 to 1 fiddle lessons are absolutely the best way to get specific guidance tailored to your level and interests. The benefit of online teaching is that you can obtain this from whoever you want, wherever you want!

Lessons take place over zoom and last around 45 mins, with follow up material and dialogue if needed.

To make logistics as easy as possible, Kevin has put his available slots for you to see when he is free. Just use the booking system to find a time that suits you and Calendly will guide you through. You'll get a confirmation email and even a reminder email the day before our lesson.

All abilities are welcome. If you have any specific things you'd like to work on, there is a space to write that in the booking process.

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Are you a fiddle player looking to improve your skills? On my PATREON channel you will have the opportunity to learn new tunes, enhance your technique and take your fiddle playing to the next level.

Since May 2020, I have been creating video tutorials for fiddle players around the world to learn new tunes and improve their playing. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed providing regular tune learning material, it's been a pleasure to become part of a growing global folk community.

Whether you're new to folk music, or a seasoned veteran, i'm confident there will be something for you.


Each month I upload video tutorials, sheet music and practice audio files of popular tunes from traditions around the world, including many of the hits featured on The Good Tune. Each video will be focused on learning the tunes taught by ear (sheet music available), which will be taken at a steady pace suitable for most players. As well as the melody itself, there will be a special emphasis on how to enhance the tune with key aspects such as bowing, ornaments, grooves and many important stylistic features - something integral to the unique sound of folk music.

Kevin Lees Fiddle


  • Flexible learning - access material whenever you like!

  • There’s an abundance of tune tutorials, sheet music, practice audio files and videos.

  • Exclusive access to brand new content every month, as well as a vast database of all previous material.

  • A variety of technique specific tutorials.

  • Interact, comment on the posts, ask questions and become part of the growing community of fiddle enthusiasts.

  • Super value for money

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