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12 Track Album


This CD, made in collaboration with the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, features 8 tracks of previously unrecorded Miss Milligan’s Miscellany Dances, arranged by D.u.K, plus four tracks of Nordic listening music. The CD superbly combines ear-catching dance Scottish dance music with Nordic traditional music, captivating both the listener and dancer.



Kevin Lees, fiddle
Jonas Kongsted , fiddle
Frederik Pustelnik, fiddle
Christoffer Dam, fiddle
Rasmus Nielsen, piano and guitar
Matheus Bech , double bass


D.u.K are an exciting, rocking six-piece folk ensemble from Denmark and the UK, playing the best tunes from both traditions. Consisting of four fiddles, piano and double bass, the band quite simply use raw groove and swing to create an eclectic mix of foot stomping music, from slow lyrical airs to driving jigs, reels and polkas. As well as using original compositions and modern arranging techniques, D.u.K definitely don’t forget the strong roots and traditions whilst combining it with their fresh approach to modern folk music.

D.u.K - Miss Millign's Miscellany

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