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10 Track Album

Inver’s debut album ‘Heading Out’ (2019) is a culmination of two years of composing, arranging and refining their unique sound to produce an original album rooted in the Celtic style.

Featuring ten tracks of mainly self- composed melodies, Kevin Lees (fiddles), Rune Barslund (whistles & accordion) and Matthew Jones (guitar) combine the familiar traditional sound of fast flowing tunes together with beautifully slow reflective pieces. The singing tone of the violin and the softness of the whistle harmonise delightfully, whilst the addition of the crisp accordion adds another dimension to the intricate arrangements. The guitar adds sparkle and complexity, often challenging the musical arrangement and giving a very modern feel to the sound. Expect captivating arrangements, a variety of musical emotions, and musicianship of the highest order.

INVER - Heading Out

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